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Formation & Business Development


Establishing a strong business model can determine the ultimate success of your organization.  We can help you craft effective strategies in the following areas:

  • Board Development

  • Organizational Setup

  • Budget & Fundraising Planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Program Development

Management Consulting


Effective management can prevent a stagnant atmosphere that impedes progress and profits. The following services can help your organization function at its highest level:

  • Organizational Assessment & SWOT Analysis

  • Process Review and Improvement

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Turnaround Plans

  • Government Relations

Training & Assessments

Our team consists of a talented group of subject matter experts who can provide the following services to enhance your organization's operations:

  • Board Assessments

  • Board Training

  • Interactive Workshops

  • Organizational Policy Review

  • Stakeholder Surveys and Response Analysis


This program, designed for historic downtown commercial districts, is highly interactive and engages every type of Main Street stakeholder. Let us help you put together partnerships, perform successful outreach to marginalized populations, implement an effective entrepreneurship training curriculum, run a fun and valuable business plan competition and ultimately fill your downtown vacancies.

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incREDible Downtowns​​

Many teens are headed off to college after high school. Many are not. Regardless of educational achievement, every student deserves to see and experience different paths to success. We created this program to feel like recess to teens - a time to follow dreams and passions while learning various aspects of planning, launching and running a business. 

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Young Entrepreneurs Program

Resource Hub

We offer courses, templates, webinars, and more! Click to view our online resources.

Linkedin Articles

January 28, 2019


By Jennifer E. Goldman, President of Resonance, LLC


I realize I’m not normal, but I’ve never minded getting stood up for business meetings. In fact, I relish it, especially if the meeting was set in a public place like a coffee shop or restaurant. While last-minute cancellations and no-shows reveal a lot to me about people I probably shouldn’t waste my time with anyway, they also provide me with an unexpected break in my otherwise hectic schedule.

Instead of huffing off back to the office if I get stood up, I will typically give myself the amount of time I was planning on spending in the meeting. Since I’d already scheduled myself to be away from the office for an hour or two, why not?

I never consider it time wasted. It’s time I can use to soak up new ideas in a new environment. I’m always amazed by how different surroundings can take your brain in new directions, inspire you with thoughts, ideas and solutions you’d have never come up with in your office.

That hour that I was planning on spending with someone else, who is either having a really ‘off’ day or who has time management issues, is now an hour that I can spend taking a break, unwinding, people-watching, catching up on reading business publications, planning next month’s social media posts, or reaching out to a colleague I haven’t seen in way to long and scheduling a meeting I KNOW I won’t be alone for.

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t that I think people are ineffective in their offices, but the temporary change of scenery can do wonders for a person. That unexpected one hour that you find yourself alone and out-of-office for shouldn’t be time wasted in anger and frustration.

If nothing else, I recommend using that time to take a walk; discover new businesses, mull over your business challenges, reflect on your recent successes, mentally admire or admonish people’s fashion choices.

Even if you don’t do anything business-y in the one hour you unintentionally gave yourself, you might just find that you are better equipped to deal with the rest of your office day upon your return. And who knows, maybe you’ll find it so beneficial that you’ll begin scheduling fake meetings and unchaining yourself from your desk on a regular basis.

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